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Age of Chains

The world’s most intergalactic blockchain trading card shop has been launched by Age of Chains (Streamstars UG), a company developing a blockchain trading card video game playing in a decentralized future. Driven by a magnitude of factors and amplified by blockchain technology, humankind is undergoing an unstoppable shift of paradigms.

With Age of Chains, our vision is to illuminate the potential that blockchain technology brings to our society, planet, and ultimately our whole galaxy and beyond.

Spells of Genesis

A collectible card game built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Build strategic decks out of your collection to fight enemies. Characters have varying attack and defense values, allowing some to be more effective in attack and handle more damage than others. Once a level is successfully completed, players are rewarded with currency or more cards. The currencies include gold, crystals, and gems, which are used to purchase more cards. Each character can be upgraded or fused with another card to increase its power. Cards may fused up to four times, with one more upgrade to its maximum level. These maximum-level cards may be converted to blockchain cards, and stored as your own digital assets. You can play for free, but will need to download the Casa Tookan Wallet to manage your blockchain cards.

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