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Garbage Pail Kids digital trading cards

Topps Garbage Pail Kids NFTs (digital trading cards) are now available on the WAX Blockchain!

Digital trading cards are the future of collectibles. Rare digital collectibles have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars and a new wave of them is here – powered by blockchain technology and all of its unique advantages.

Collectibles on the blockchain like Garbage Pail Kids digital trading cards are valuable because only a finite amount are ever created, and cards can never be duplicated or counterfeited.

Buying card packs is easy. Simply visit and choose the type of pack you wish to buy. Enter your information, and your pack will appear in your inventory. Then open your pack and see what cards are now in your collection! Now you can trade, sell, or gift your new GeePeeKay cards on WAX.

Trading with your friends and other collectors around the world is free, easy, and secure. Just choose your trading partner and the cards you want to exchange, then send a trade request.

Once you get your card, you can immediately trade or sell it to someone else, or keep it in your collection to showcase on social media.

WAX makes it fun and easy to collect and transact digital trading cards instantly to anyone in the world.

Get started now at

Collectible Garbage Pail Kids DTC are on the Blockchain! (SOLD OUT?)

TOPPS and WAX have teamed up to bring the pop culture phenomenon, Garbage Pail Kids, to the blockchain! Collectors around the world can buy, gift and trade with confidence as each blockchain trading card is certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered. » Visit Community

(watch video)

DTC Topps WAX digital trading cards

Launch of World’s Most Intergalactic Blockchain Trading Card Shop

The world’s most intergalactic blockchain trading card shop has been launched by Age of Chains (Streamstars UG), a company developing a blockchain trading card video game playing in a decentralized future.

Built on the Bitcoin blockchain, Age of Chains focuses on creating high-quality crypto-collectibles with the finest artworks since 2016. With their concept, they already were able to secure the Crypto Games Conference Choice Award 2018 in Minsk. » Read more

Developer of ‘Gods Unchained’ blockchain card game raises $15M in funding

Immutable, a company formerly known as Fuel Games that makes games that use distributed ledger blockchain technology to create player-owned assets, announced today that it has raised $15 million in new funding. » Read more

Coinbase-backed blockchain card game ‘Gods Unchained’ launches public beta

Competitive digital collectible trading card game “Gods Unchained,” developed and published by Fuel Games, today launched its public beta… » Read more

Panini America Brings NBA Digital Trading Cards To Quidd’s Marketplace For Digital Collectibles

Panini America, the worldwide leader in sports and entertainment collectibles and Quidd, the largest marketplace for digital collectibles, are excited to announce … Read more

Horizon Blockchain Games raises $3.75 million and debuts SkyWeaver online trading card game

Horizon Blockchain Games has raised $3.75 million in seed funding and it has unveiled its debut blockchain game, SkyWeaver, which offers true ownership of digital cards. » Read more

DTC: Digital Trading Cards

DTC is a skinnable crypto product & application in development, a website and mobile app that is a marketplace for all other digital collectible out there and emerging.  The holy grail in digital collectibles is a combination of the three categories: competitive gameplay, IP from secure premium content providers (sports leagues, unique characters, entertainers, stories), and unique digital art, that includes AR/VR elements. Contact us for DTC information

Put ’em together, R.I.P. them apart… it’s Burton meets Pokemon!

*DTC concept in development

Between the darkness and the light, the battle to save the world continues…

ATHELON Warriors 
*DTC concept in development

Wake up and smell the weirdness!

*DTC concept in development

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The blockchain just got wacky!! @Topps x @WAX_io partner to bring official Topps GPK trading cards to the blockchain! The next generation of collecting is here!

Full details:

Digital Trading Cards are all the fun and frustrations of classic trading card hoarding and swapping, without the worry of touching someone else’s contaminated collection...

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