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Welcome To The Green Room!

Welcome To The Green Room!

-- DTC Guest post by Gil / edited by NT / MP Concern about the ecological effects of NFT.... "According to an estimate backed up by independent researchers, the creation of an average NFT has a stunning environmental footprint of over 200 kilograms of planet-warming...

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Follow me to NFT on DTC!

Follow me to NFT on DTC!

Authentic, One-of-a-kind, NFT on DTC! Wanna ride the gravy train all the way to mashed potato town? Enter the Digital Trading Card Universe! Rob Gronkowski “Gronk” and Lindsay Lohan launched NFT - Digital Trading Cards this week. SuperBowl Champs and Hollywood are...

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“NFT will expand beyond current use cases such as collectibles, art, and gaming into the more traditional use cases, …. Companies and projects that facilitate the growth and trading of NFTs could be big winners.”Coindesk



The holy grail in DTC digital collectibles is a combination of the three categories: uniqueness, crafted premium-content (sports leagues, unique characters, entertainers, stories), and desirable digital art, which could include audio, animation, and uniquely crafted integrated AR-VR elements.

Our creative team provides technical consulting on critical integrations and advice on best practices to help you get your collection online!

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